Forevermine Films | Thor and Justine
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Thor and Justine

About This Project

The wedding was indeed a celebration of love. Thor’s face was filled with happiness as he watches his bride walk towards him. It was an overwhelming experience to be there and capture the strong feelings of love especially when Justine was about to walk down the aisle. Those light-hearted moments are the ones that we hold most dear, and all the happy moments captured will be the ones we’ll carry with us throughout the coming years.
To be a part of their special day, and capture the bright smiles, teary eyes, and the heartwarming glances of love from our lovely couple and the people around them was indeed worth it.
Congratulations, Thor and Justine! May God provide you with all the blessings from above, for your relationship to blossom and be filled with a lifetime of happiness and love! #JUSTmarriedTHOR#ForevermineFilms

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