Forevermine Films | RM and Pat
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RM and Pat

About This Project

Landscapes of great beauty, the freshness of the Pines, the little drops of water at the heart of every flower, and the smiling and happy faces of the people around as they await the union of our lovely couple – RM and Pat. Everything was perfect. All things were in place.

The sun enveloped the place with warmth, and nature provided an atmosphere of pure serenity and love. Everyone is so excited to finally see the bride for the first time. And RM’s teary eyes were filled with love and desire, for he could now see his future right in front of his eyes. But just as Pat was about to walk down the aisle, it suddenly rained on everyone.

No one bothered to look for shelter, they just enjoyed the moment, and continued to watch as the bride walked towards the love of her life. No amount of rain could ever stop them from uniting, for it was love that brought them there, and together they would be able to face all the storms of life because they would always be on each other’s side.

Congratulations again RM and Pat! May this fresh start of your journey be filled with all the blessings from above!