Forevermine Films | Patrick and Sandy
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Patrick and Sandy

About This Project

The first time Patrick saw Sandy, he knew that she was the one. The first and last girl in his life. And that’s when he decided to court her. No matter how difficult it might take, for he knew that she was all worth it. When they are together, everything just seemed brighter. They both love capturing moments, travelling, exploring new places and trying out different kinds of food. And now after 8 years of being together, they are on their jouney to a whole new chapter.
8 years. 8 fruitful years of love, passion, and happiness. The many of their firsts. The first and only love of their lives. This is the kind of history and stories that their actions only speak of. It was just pure love.
Those kisses and embrace that feels like the warmth of the sun. Captivating beauty. There is a strong force holding them together like gravity. The rythmic movements of their hearts were seen through their eyes. The love, passion, and desire were written all over their faces like signs. The place, the feeling, the way they see each other eye to eye, all of these can be expressed by just one word. It was alluring. It was magical. It was one of a kind. Like the love that they share, the kind of love that is so rare and hard to find.
Join as we share with you Sandy and Patrick’s prewedding video at the historical place in Bataan, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. #ForevermineFilms