Forevermine Films | O’jay and Dani
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O’jay and Dani

About This Project

The Heartfelt Wedding of O’jay and Dani at Santísimo Rosario Parish Church

To laugh, to smile, to spread happiness and love to everyone around. It’s a day worth remembering, a moment that they have all been waiting for. Finally, after years of being together, O’jay and Dani has decided to bring their relationship to a whole new chapter.
Everything was bright, light, and all things felt right. Everybody was laughing, smiling, and are happily waiting for the bride to arrive. As we capture everyone’s reactions, we can’t help but smile for we have genuinely seen the glow of sunshine in their eyes. For the time has finally come, and the moment of waiting for the lovely bride will end in a very short while. As the Dani stepped in and walked down the aisle, everybody’s face were glowing, and filled with happiness and tears of joy. And at the altar where O’jay was standing, he can’t help but control his emotions and the outpour of love for his bride, even the two siblings of Dani couldn’t hep but cry. For finally, O’jay and Dani will be together until the end of time.
It has been a great blessing to be a part of their celebration. To capture those smiles, laughter, and unending love makes the things we do worth while. Congratulations again O’jay and Dani! May you shine brighter, and your lives be filled with happiness and laughter! Cheers!
Photographer > Bob & Zab Photography
Video > Forevermine Wedding Films
Gown > Mel Orlina Couture Mel Orlina
HMUA > Mildred Postigo
Shoes > Jefferson Si
Coordinator > Imbitado Events Ayie Contreras-Tuates
Reception > The Manila Hotel