Forevermine Films | Prewedding of Nonie and Diane
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Prewedding of Nonie and Diane

About This Project

Nonie Lim and Dianne Tan : Manila Prewedding Film 

In the busy life of the city, lies two souls filled with life and gaiety. Together, they enjoy each other’s company just by doing ordinary things happily.

To feel the warmth of the sun as they ran across the field, to feel the wind beneath their skin as they drive across the city, to enjoy a simple snack, and to have tons of fun doing silly things. To have that brief moment of spontaneity and just enjoy every minute of it, to live, to laugh, to try on new adventures and explore new things – because together they can do everything, they can be anything.

As they embark on a new adventure of a lifetime, we wish Nonie and Dianne more happiness and love. Here’s to your new journey and to many more blessings in life! #ridingintanlim #ForevermineFilms