Forevermine Films | Lester and Cecille
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Lester and Cecille

About This Project

The Wedding of Lester and Cecille in Santuario de San Antonio


To wait for the love you hold most dear, to wait for the right person to make your life feel like it’s just a dream. Everything seemed perfect, all things were in place. Every bit of your life is complete, like all the missing pieces of the puzzle is there for you to keep. It was love the kept you bounded, and it’s love that makes all the waiting worth it.
As people gathered around to wait for the union of Lester and Cecille, we can see how preserved Lester’s personality is, as he waited patiently and quietly for his bride to appear. But as the song began to play and silence filled the room, and as the bride walked down the aisle, we can see the tears of happiness and love fill the eyes of the groom. We have nothing but warmth and love fill our hearts as we capture each moment, each glances, each heartbeat. The people around could feel their utmost love and affection towards each other and we couldn’t help but feel emotional as we watch them grew closer together. It was indeed a heartwarming experience – an experience that we will take with us forever.
And since today is Lester’s birthday, we, at Forevermine Films, wish you nothing but the best, for your bride and your future family. May this new beginning mark a brand new start in your lives, for love to fill the four corners of your home, and for all the blessings to be bestowed on your lives as husband and wife. Congratulations again Lester and Cecille! Cheers!
Photographer > ProudRad
Video > Forevermine Wedding Films
Stylist > Fleur de Monde
Gown > Jamie Go Atelier
Host > Darlene Tan-Salazar