Forevermine Films | Kristina and Dave
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Kristina and Dave

About This Project

The Wedding of Kristina and Dave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To have someone to wake you up each morning, to kiss you at night, to hold hands, to share many of your “firsts”, to spend every waking moment loving, caring and sharing, to being with each other in all things, and to never giving up. These are the little things that are simply good enough. To have someone to share these with, is indeed a tremendous blessing. A kind of blessing that most of us are praying for in our lives.

For over a decade of searching, Dave and Kristina have finally found love in each other. Through the span of 4 years, they’ve learned that time was not the most precious thing – but it was indeed love. The love that they have for each other and their son Ethan, the love that is continuously growing as time passes by, and the kind of love that will surely last a lifetime.

And now, in front of God and hundreds of people, Kristina and Dave are finally able to confess and share their love for one another. To finally be able to call each other their own, and to be in each other’s arms and call it home.

Feel the love, passion, and unending affection as we relive Kristina and Dave’s wedding day from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! #ForevermineFilms #DestinationWedding #PhiladelphiaWedding