Forevermine Films | Jon and Fanny
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Jon and Fanny

About This Project

The Wedding of Jon and Fanny Wong
When you meet someone so different from yourself, you ask the question, “do opposites really attract?”. Now, Jon and Fanny know for sure that they do. They were perfect together like day and night, and the things they do hand in hand are always such a delight. Jon was the silent type, and Fanny, true to her name, has a jolly and funny character. Alone they were good, but together they were fantastic.
People ask Jon why he is not active in social media, he simply anwers “I’ve already found Fanny, I don’t need it anymore”. Having met through Friendster, the social networking site made it possible for Jon to ask Fanny out, and he was successful after the third try. And now that they are on their 14th year, they have finally tied the knot.
From their first date, up until their wedding day, the origami paper crane buttoniere served as a reminder of the first time they’ve shared, the time when Fanny fell for Jon, and how Jon is Fanny’s first and last love.
Congratulations again Jon and Fanny! May this new chapter in your lives bring about more happiness, love, and fun moments! Cheers!
Photo > ProudRad
Video > Forevermine Wedding Films
Gown > KNH Designs
Groom Suit > 洪真 珍
Make up > Ish Martin Sison
Bouquets and Styling > Miss A Events