Forevermine Films | Johan and Carol
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Johan and Carol

About This Project

Johan + Carol // Baluarte Pre-wedding Film

It was a fine day at Baluarte Intramuros. The place was filled with warmth and serenity. And as we capture moments for Johan and Carol’s prewedding video, the unexpected happened – Johan proposed to Carol again, but this time, with an engagement ring. Carol’s face was filled with so much emotion as she said yes to the love of her life once again. For after more than 5 years of being together, they have now sealed their love with an engagement necklace and a ring.

To be able to witness such honest and pure love is such an amazing blessing. To see their genuine smiles, and their great love for each other makes everything we do worth it.

To our lovely couple, may your lives be as colorful and as bright as your smiles. We wish you nothing but the best, and a lifetime of great unexpected moments in your lives. Congratulations again Johan and Carol! #ForevermineFilms #KrisMatchCarol2017