Forevermine Films | Ephraim and Maribeth
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Ephraim and Maribeth

About This Project

The Wedding of Ephraim Tugano and Mariebeth Nazareth Tugano

With their families, friends, and their lovely daughter, Eph and Beth’s wedding day came to life. The outpour of love, laughter, and happiness enveloped their much awaited union. It felt surreal, it felt magical, it felt right. As they light up a new beginning in their lives, as husband and wife, together they will continue to make the fire in their hearts burn brighter, and make their even relationship stronger.

To witness everyone happy, to see the smiles on their faces as Eph and Beth celebrates the most special moment in their lives. To be able to share these priceless reactions, and make their wedding day last a lifetime. These things are the ones that we hold most dear. For with every laughter, every tear, everything becomes worth it.

Join us as we share with you today’s wonderful wedding. Feel the fire burning in their hearts as they share their love and passion for each other. Congratulations again Eph and Beth. May your lives be filled with more wonderful and happy memories. Cheers!

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