Forevermine Films | David and Lorraine
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David and Lorraine

About This Project

The Wedding of David Lee and Lorraine Sy-Lee // To wait for the person you love, to have that moment when nothing else matters, to finally be in each other’s arms – that’s what most people are looking for.

Finally, David and Lorraine’s moment of waiting has come to an end. It was definitely worth the wait, for with each other they are home, and home is where their story begins.

As they celebrated their much awaited union on an Easter Sunday, we can’t help but feel blessed and overwhelmed by the outpour of love, not only from our lovely couple, but from their parents as well. And as we capture each bright smiles, teary eyes, and glances of love, we knew right then and there, that we were very blessed to be a part of a love that was worth every moment of waiting.

So here’s to our lovely couple, may your lives be filled with bright mornings and warm nights, for together we know that you are finally home. Cheers! #syleelove #ForevermineFilms #CraftedbyLove