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Benson and Shayne

About This Project

The Heartfelt Wedding of Benson and Shayne

It’s amazing how destiny makes everything in our lives fall perfectly into its right place. A lot of things may change, our paths may be onto different directions, but one thing stays the same – if we were meant to be with someone, no matter what happens, fate will still bring us together.

Benson and Shayne grew up in the same town and were classmates since their elementary days. They were just mere schoolmates and finally went on to their different paths after graduation. Little did they know that fate will bring them together, and they would eventually end up working for the same company after a few years of not seeing each other. And that’s when Shayne knew that Benson was destined for her, and it was the start of their lovestory and their road to forever.

Their wedding day was filled with happiness and pure love. It was a celebration of so much affection from family, friends, and from our lovely couple. We can’t help but feel emotional while capturing their moments of love for we have felt their sincerity towards one another. It was such a blessing to be a part of their special day and capture their wonderful moments and make them last forever.

Congratulations again Benson and Shayne! May your lives be as colorful and as bright as your smiles. We wish all the blessings in life, and a lifetime of happiness and love! Join us as we relive the moments from Benson and Shayne’s wedding. #ForevermineFilms

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