Forevermine Films | Alvan and Chinkee
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Alvan and Chinkee

About This Project

“In God’s Perfect Time”

It’s amazing how God plans everything in our lives. The way He makes sure that everything will fall on its right place, that there’s somebody out there for us, someone we’re meant to spend forever with – our soulmate.

When two people are in love, it’s not about how long you know a person, it’s about how deep the love is. And when you find that right person; at the right time, at the right moment, no words could ever express the greatest feeling of being in love. And for Alvan and Chingkee, that moment finally came.

Their wedding day was filled with excitement, love, and happiness. Also, by chance, it was Alvan’s birthday. And there’s no better present for his special day than to be with the person he loves most, and to spend forever with her.

We were so lucky to have witnessed how much they love each other especially when Chinkee was walking down the aisle. As we capture Alvan’s reaction, it made us feel the intense love they have for each other for the only words he could utter were “I love you” over and over.

It was indeed a grand celebration of love, a manifestation of true love and soulmates, and that the best things in life comes to those who waits.

Congratulations again Alvan and Chinkee! May your lives be filled with happiness and unending love!